How to remove SPARKOL logo from the exported videos?

  • When I am exporting videos, the logo will appear in every video even I am using a licenced version.

  • If you are paying the EDUcational discounted subscription price, then your videos will contain the videoscribe logo. If you are using a PROfessional subscription, the videos will not contain the logo. 

    If you just recently upgraded from free to professional, then you may have to log out of videoscribe and log back in for videoscribe to update your subscription status.

    If you have a free trial and you create a separate professional account, you must log in using the pro login information (not the free trial login information).

    If that does not answer your question, raise a ticket and  provide more information about the problem.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • You have an educational subscription and these carry a small logo watermark on the video, you can see the difference on our Compare VideoScribe licence features help page

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