Are there any features that set VideoScribe apart from other whiteboard tools?

  •  Hi,

    I have a couple of questions about VideoScribe.

    1. A lot of whiteboard animation tools let people change fonts of the text and use custom SVG icons and images. Are there any special icons sets like arrows or clouds and text writing features which make VideoScribe different from everything else?

    For instance, I use Google fonts in my whiteboard animations after installing them locally. This can be done in all whiteboard animation tools.

    Also, I just use very basic icons in my videos like arrows and nothing special. These simple icons like arrows and clouds can be found all over the internet.

    2. Almost all the whiteboard animation tools also allow people to play the animations with or without a hand image. I generally play my animations without a hand to keep viewers focused on content. So, the large variety of hand images are not particularly useful for me.

    What I want to say is, does VideoScribe do anything differently that will make the final videos I create unique compared to using cheaper alternatives?

    I mean is it possible just by looking at a whiteboard video and say with surety that it was made using VideoScribe? Are there any special icon sets or features that make VideoScribe unique compared to other cheaper alternatives?


  • 1. You can import any font from your computer and use it in VideoScribe. See Import fonts.

    You can also import any JPG, PNG, SVG and animated GIF images into VideoScribe. See Import images.

    2. You can create a scribe and have images drawn with the hand or with no hand. See Change the hand. You can also create and import your own custom hands if you wish. See Import your own hand.

    VideoScribe also allows you to morph images, to fade images and text in and out and also move images and text onto the canvas (Move-in).

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