VideoScribe v3.3.0 is now available

  • You can now upgrade to version 3.3.0 of VideoScribe on Windows devices - Mac coming soon!

    Simply log in to your Sparkol account and click on the Download button.

    Version 3.3.0 includes all the great functionality of version 3.2.1 - but with the following improvements:

    - Colour Change Images

    - New Image Selection

    - Extended Tool-tips

    - Download videos during the trial

    - Look and Feel Improvements

    - We have included a number of bug fixes

    Read the VideoScribe 3.3.0 release notes to find out what else is in the latest version.

  • Where is the release note of 3.3.1 ?

  • There were no significant updates in v3.3.1 so we did not formally announce the release.

  • I reverted back to the previous edition after 10 minutes, because:

    1. double click on thumbnail does not centre the selected image with specified zoom level anymore, this is an action I perform a lot, now requiring multiple mouse clicks;

    2. playing the animation would result in total zoom out, and requires numerous clicks to get back to the last point I worked on to resume working; a total waste of time.

    3. I cannot adjust any timing from thumbnail view anymore, I used to be able to adjust at least the animation time. ideally animation, pause and transition time should all be adjustable from thumbnail view.

    I did not explore the new version any more because either one of the above is a deal breaker for me. please please please reinstate these functionality.

  • Sounds like you need to get to know the new Timeline quick menu. This is where the 'View Element Camera Position' button is that replaced double click and where you can update the animate, pause and transition time. 

    In v3.3 we also changed the behaviour of exiting preview and saving to show the full project after. This has not been popular so will be reverted back for the next update.

  • Hi Barry and Sparkol Team, 

    I updated my software with the latest version and unfortunately I seem to face a same issues raised by the previous comment (Yifan Zhang).

    - Each time I save my scribe, the canvass zooms-out about 12% and this keeps happening each time I click save, regardless of the level of zoom.

    - Also, the 'view element camera position' on the new Timeline quick menu does not set the view to the selected image's camera position.

    Any tips or fixes you may have to overcome this is highly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance.

  • Nishi, please upgrade your software. I can see from your usage logs you are still using v3.3.1. The fix to this issue is on v3.3.2

  • Dear Barry, 

    Really disappointed to see that I raised a ticket for last one week and still there is no solution, atleast you can reply to ticket.. Really never expected this with you people. 

     I am on latest version and there are alot of problem:

    1. We can't scale the svg when it is overlapping, everytime using keyboard to move them and scale and then back to is not the solution, what if we wanted to scale according to the need? What if we wanted to scale precisely at the location..?

    2. Copy paste and replace doesn't scale to same dimension.. 

    It's all creating alot of issue.. Now your older versions are also working on a same way.. I am really disappointed.



  • We were closed from 17:30 on the 18th until 09:00 on the 23rd for the Easter Period - Easter opening hours (Closed 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd April)  

    I can see you've replied to the ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • I'm having trouble zooming. I just upgraded to version 3.3 and by clicking twice on the image to zoom in, it opens an editing page of the clicked image. Please send me the link of version 3.1.1, because it is the version that meets my need. Thankful

  • Hi Tania,

    In order for you to zoom on an image, you have to use the zoom tool in the bottom right hand corner, or a scroll wheel on your mouse. You weren't able to zoom in by double clicking the image on the canvas in previous versions. 

    You can always access previous versions under the previous versions section of the download page on your account. 

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