Version 3.3

  • Can someone help, please? I have updated the latest version 3.3. Usually, if u double clicked on your last item in your timeline it would take you back to that locked camera position. It doesn't do that anymore, it zooms out and shows all items on canvas?
  • To view the camera position for an element, open the timeline menu, click the camera and then click the camera with the eye in it.

  • The same issue appears whenever you stop the preview and it should go back to the last scene I was, but instead it zooms out so I can see the entire canvas. That's really painful when you are working with a bigger project. Seems that the 'zoom at end' button doesn't really work anymore... That's what I've noticed on the windows 64bit version.

  • The issue where the camera zooms out when you stop the preview, the preview ends and the save button is clicked has been identified as a bug and is with our development team for fixing. 

  • Thanks, Matthew!


  • To go back to the element it took me at least few clicks, typically 5 minutes scribe takes me about 1 hour to create and today it took me 3 hour. Good job on the update guys!!!
  • I want to have back the old camera Setting!!!!! This was so usefull!!!

  • Hey Guys, we have had a fair bit of feedback on this and we are considering putting things back to the way they were. 

    If you are really struggling with the extra few clicks then you can uninstall v3.3 and download v3.2.1 from the previous versions list at the bottom of the download page - 

  • Not trying to start a fight, but I think you are being dismissive to the professionals who use your software when you use a comment like " if you are really struggling with the few extra clicks". 

  • Wasn't meant that way, was actually a sincere acknowlegement that a few extra clicks on something you do regularly can become a struggle quickly. Can see how it can be read both ways though so apologies for any offence caused.

  • Also just realised that my suggestion won't work as we implemented the change in v3.2.0 of VideoScribe so it will still feature in v3.2.1.

    If you would like a copy of v3.1.1 which is the last version with double click to view the camera please click the raise a ticket button at the bottom of this page and we can send you a link.

  • OK here is my current problem. There appear to be some seriuous issues that are frustrating em on the time line. I understand that the ORDER in the time line at the bottom SHOULD reflect the time of appearance. It does not and there are some very weird issues. I have a time line where I added a number of elemented in between other elements. I set them with the camera etc, they seemed fine....BUT they simply do not appear in the order in the timeline and I cannot get them to play in the right order. Its literally a crapshoot - I move them early and the first time I play it works. Then I play again, and an element AFTER that element plays first !! 

    I have found this activity to happen occasionally literally from version 1 - It is still there. The problem occurs when you move elements around that are created AFTER another element, and somehow there is time stamp left on the element. I cant remove that time stamp and someimes I liferally delete and start again as its just not possible to change the time on some elements!!

    Does anyone have a solution?

  • OH dear - I just found another Horrible feature! I used one element many times in a script.It was a very long scrip and I deleted several occurances at the very end of the script. 

    I just replayed from the beginning (which I had not done for the last 30 mins of editing) and VOILA...the very first element is gone - it is the same element used at the end.....

    so folks, tell me that this is not a serious issue? I just lost a key element used in several places, BECAUSE I deleted that element somewhere else.

    Now you know why I gave up on Sparkol 2 years ago - this is the first time I have used it since and I am not impressed...

  • Hi John, thanks for getting in touch. Since there are a few in depth issues that you're experiencing, I am going to a log a ticket with our Support Team to assist you with these problems. 

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