I love this software, But also painful !

  • Just started using this software for corporate doodle presentation, 
    Most painful factors

    • Can't add separate audio file for individual frames, depended on 2ndry software.
    • SVG (a most common pain point for users) 
    • Video Render taking ages and for sake of confidential data I cannot put source file online to get render from VS server. 
    Mobility is the future hence creative apps are porting to iPad Pro, I tried to use Affinity Designer for creating SVG using pencil tool but NO success. 

    I also used AI, but on complexed drawings like I do (ScreenShot Attached) AI messed up & output was horrible. Maybe people here can guide me what wrong did I do !

    You can clearly see in attached SS, while hand is following path it leaves some white patches. What is the proper way to trace with pencil tool? how do I cover inside details of character without leaving any white patch when hand animation drawing doodle?

    (814 KB)
  • Hi Suresh,

    Yes, it is not possible to add audio to individual elements of your scribe. This may be possible in the future but it is not something that we are currently working on.

    You need to draw your SVG with the pen or pencil tool. See Create your own images for instructions. You need to make sure that the units of measurement is set to pixels.

    The time it takes for the video to render will vary depending on a number of factors. I recommend saving your scribe and restarting the software before rendering as this will clear out the application memory and may help things to run faster and smoother. Rendering as a MOV file is the quickest and the lower the resolution and frame-rate, the quicker it will be.

  • Thanks Matthew,
     I used Adobe Illustrator to create a SVG, my process as followed.

    1. sketched out in Photoshop at 1080X 1920, saved as transparent PNG size 100Kb to 250Kb.
    2. Opened in Adobe Illustrator at 150x 150x canvas size, scale downed line art to match the canvas size,
    3. Selected Pencil tool with 10pt to 30pt thickness,
    4. Used max 3 layers for strokes path, first bottom layer my Artwork, On second layer covered outlines, on 3rd leyers filled the inside details. 
    5. Saved SVG followed the instruction as given on other pages. size is somewhat max 200 Kb.
    Now, My all files, Software itself is HANGED. not moving further. I dont know what wrong am I doing here. 

    I have attached 2 files for your reference, pls

    Looking for solution. 
    Much Thanks 

  • Hola, la moneda que especifica el valor de la compra corresponde a nuestro país, verdad? 

    Yo soy de Argentina. Necesito saber eso, por favor.

  • Do you think the crashing started after you imported a particular image? Or is it possible that you have added a lot of images and text and are reaching the memory limits of the software? To help determine this, try importing the images into a new scribe and see if there are any problems.

    I imported your images and they draw nicely and did not cause the software to crash.

    If the scribe is very large and contains a lot of images and text, you may wish to consider splitting the scribe into smaller parts.

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