New version "Zoom at the end"

  • After I started to use New version I can't control "Zoom at the end: function.

    I don't use this function because my video is too long to zoom everything at the end. Also, while I am making my video I check my work how it goes by playing. but when I click the stop button all images zoom at the end even if I don't check the "zoom at the end" button

    it is not effective to use... How can I fix this problem?

  • Here is one of the other threads with information about that topic:

  • We are pleased to inform you that we have just released v3.3.2 of VideoScribe. 


    In v3.3.2, when preview mode is exited or a project is saved the canvas view no longer reverts back to your full project. This behaviour now matches the previous versions of VideoScribe while still maintaining all the great new features we had added to the original version of v3.3.


    You can access v3.3.2 of VideoScribe via 

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