Grouping should be a given

  • Is there seriously no way to group objects? I see some talk from 2014 about being able to group in the "next version". We are several versions beyond that now. I can't believe how amateur-ish this program is, especially for how incredibly expensive it is. It feels like a flash app from 1998. Maybe it is flash for all I know. There also needs to be better (any?) meta tagging for images. I should be able to type in "generic man" or "coughing woman" and get exactly what I need. Dare to dream, colour-tagging should be there too, by name or by number (rgb and hex). I also expected sets of style and colour-matched infographics. Nope. I shouldn't be complaining about more than one thing per thread likely. I'll stop now, and go back to creating almost all of the artwork for the 8-minute script I took on, thinking that it would be easy and straightforward with this software. So much for that.

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  • I also raised the request to group images several years ago. Something that would make it easier to move or copy an entire group and reuse for a single video, or to drop into another video. Maybe not the easiest thing to do, but would be really helpful to assist in saving tons of time for creators. Thanks for considering!

  • A couple of points here and I'll try and cover each one the best I can... 

    Grouping objects...

    It's not not built into the app as it stands. There is a way of doing it but it's important to you but it's not a built in function. In Option 3 of the help article Make images appear together we talk you through exporting SVG files from VideoScribe, importing them into an SVG Editor and saving the group as one image. This would have the effect you are looking for.

    Image grouping and Meta Data...

    We made some big changes to tagging in recently and improved the meta data as well. We don't have anyone coughing in our Library (feel free to ask for that on our What images would you like to see? forum) and words like generic would not be in the tags as they are not specific to a characteristic, just search man for that. Therefore, these specific examples are not there as you've highlighted. However we have broken adjectives, nouns, etc out seperately with plurals and other variations so you can search a string a lot better in v3 that you can in v2 of VideoScribe. I've used 'suit man' to demonstrate what I mean here. 

    Here's the search on it's own

    If you use the facet on the left to show Style = Colour you see all the colour images

    If you flip the facet to Style = Line Art again you get a different look

    There are more facet options available depending on the search and they allow you to filter things down fairly quickly. Every time we update the library we are adding tags and facets to existing images as well as new images with their own tags. We are constantly reviewing what people are search for, what returns no results and targeting the most common ones either with new images if there is nothing there or with tags to match on the images that do exist. 

    There are 2 topics here and you are right that we like 'Ideas and Features' to be one topic per thread so we know what people are liking when then vote. Hope my answers provide some clarity for you but if you feel strongly that you would like to see big improvements on one/both of these please create them as seperate topics so they can be commented and voted on appriopriately by other customers. 

  • What I actually meant by grouping (which I don't think is what you thought) is the ability to group objects together like in illustrator (or pretty much any other vector program) so that if you move one, you move them all. Also, if you scale one you scale them all. They are effectively glued together until you ungroup them.

  • Thank you Trevor,

    That is very much my interest as well. This would additionally make it much easier to move around within the scribe if scenes need to be reordered. Less important, but a nice to have, would then be able to port this group as an element into other scribes.

  • Option 3 in that instant answer would have that effect too, they would be one image and scale/move together as well as draw in one smooth motion as well. 

  • I get that you still want this built in though as well, it's just an option I'm suggesting while grouping is not a feature in VideoScribe

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