Pause image on screen while new ones appear and disappear (animate and transition)

  • I couldn't figure this one out from the tutorial videos nor found this in other topics. 

    If I have an object that is a group of people on screen and I want them to have a speech bubble conversation, how is the timing achieved?   That is, how do I leave one image on the screen for 10 seconds, have image #2 appear 3 seconds in, image #3 appear 4 seconds in, have image #2 disappear 5 seconds in, and have image #4 appear 6 seconds in, and then have all the remaining images (#1, #3, and #4) transition away at the same time.   


  • option 1) Cover the old image or text with a plain white image to match the background. You can use fade in, or draw to apply the white image. There is a white scribble somewhere in the library if you don't want to make a white image, or you can use something you find online.  Then draw the new image.

    option 2) For SVG images (not text), you could morph the old SVG to a new copy of the same SVG with an opacity of 0%

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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