Cropping a library image

  • I'm trying to do something very simple here: just take an SVG from VideoScribe's image library, and cut it in half.  (For instance, imagine you've found a nice image of a person in the library, but you only want to show them from the waist up.)

    The solution used to be pretty simple.  Export the image from VideoScribe, and use the "clip" tool in Inkscape, kind of like cropping a PNG.  (I know, I know, you can't "crop" vectors.  But it's the same net effect.)

    But as of version 3, that doesn't work any more.  If you clip an SVG and import it back into VideoScribe, the image is just blank.

    Sparkol tech support says it's supposed to do that.  Just remove the clipping, and it'll be fine.  But if I remove the clipping, then I have the whole image again, and that's not what I want.

    Tech support also suggests using the eraser in Inkscape to remove the part you don't want.  But the eraser in Inkscape is a freehand tool, so it's always going to look sloppy.  And as far as I can tell, the eraser only works with one shape at a time.  It doesn't seem to do much of anything when I use it on a complex image.

    There has to be a way.  It has to be possible to take an SVG from the library, and cut it in half.  I'm sure the answer is really quite simple.  But at this point, I'm just too frustrated to see it.

    Can somebody please help?

  • option 1) you might not be saving the new SVG correctly. Please attach it, or refer to the inkscape save options in tip#7 of the following thread:

    option 2) instead of making a clipping mask (which just hides part of the image), draw a rectangle over the part you want to remove, select the rectangle and the path you want to cut, and use path>difference to delete the excess parts


    -Mike (videoscribe)

  • Good suggestions Mike! Couple of other options and thoughts.

     - If you have a Wacom tablet or similar could also just put a ruler over it to guide the eraser in a straight line

     - Add a guide line and manually add anchor points to all the paths that cross it on the line, then delete the anchor points directly after the line to isolated the part of the image you do not want

     - It's a whiteboard animation tool so it's supposed to look like someone sketching freehand on a board... none of my teachers could write straight or draw straight, even the art teachers! So rough images adds a certain authentisity to the video in my opinion (and I have bad OCDs when it comes to tidyness).

    We have been tightening up our image controls to support the colour change function introduced in v3.3 of VideoScribe. From the initial investigation into the ticket Steve raised the other day VideoScribe will not pick up strokes/fills where they are overlapping other objects. We are looking at the issue to see if we can refactor anything to get VideoScribe to support the new features and also overlapping shapes, but for the moment you will need to avoid overlapping shapes.

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