I've lost my scribe

  • I decided to upgrade to the paid version of this program trusting that it would allow me to make a scribe. I spent hours making a scribe for a university project (which is now overdue and I will be penalised) which needed to be uploaded to youtube for submission. after finishing my scribe with audio I tried to upload to youtube from program. After loading the entire program crashed and when I reopened it more than half of my scribe has disappeared including audio. How has this happened? Is there something that can be done to recover it? If it's not in within the next 50 minutes I will incur a further penalty. Not happy

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  • 1) Customer support does not work on the weekends generally.

    2) If you want online help from customer support, the fastest way is to raise a ticket.

    3) If parts of your project are missing, it sounds like you forgot to save the newest changes to your project before you tried to render the video and experienced the crash. Saving is very  important, especially if you are still getting used to the program and maybe not building your projects in an optimal way.

    4) After a crash, the next time you restart videoscribe it will offer to recover your work (if you have autosave enabled). Choosing "yes" will restore your most recent autosave. choosing "no" will just return you to the projects page with all of your saved projects (and the autosave file is deleted I think).

    5) There are a number of tutorials and threads with tips for making projects efficiently to avoid problems.

    ie: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000065281

    Since it is the weekend, your best bet is probably to save the current version of the project (as a backup), then save another copy with a new file name and continue working on it. Follow the tips in the link above to build it effectively. Save the finished version when you get it completed, then publish the video again. Maybe render a video to your computer first, then you could upload it manually to youtube if necessary.

    Good luck

  • The auto-save is by default set to run every 3 minutes and in the event of a crash will offer you the opportunity to continue from the last time that ran. Mike's right though, if you click no I do not want this back-up it will be removed. Hope you managed to get your project in and if you need any help please raise a ticket and we can provide you some more specific advice there.

  • Hi Barry, 

    I definitely didn't click no, I just got prompted to log in again and didn't realise all my work was gone until I reattempted uploading to youtube only to see my video was not the finished product. After all of this I've decided the program isn't worth the stress for now so I'd like to cancel my prescription. How do I do this? 

  • Hello Laura, as you have re-opened the project the autosave back-up file would have been overwritten and we would not be able to recover this for you. As Mike said about I would always recoemmend saving your work regularly as you never know when you computer will have an issue. 

    Here's a link to the instructions on how to Cancel your subscription.

  • I  also have the same experience as Laura Mobilia. I upgraded on paid version after getting its good reviews from some fake you tubers. I spent one month on an important project then one day when I opened video scribe and half of my work was gone. I can't even find any  way of restoring  it. And yes, I clearly remember that it did not even ask me  anything to recover my work. Worst experience with video scribe.

    Anyway, please help me if there is any way I can retrieve my lost work.

    And I would like to cancel my subscription from the next month onwards. How can I do it?

  • You might find a solution for your file problem in this article: https://help.videoscribe.co/support/solutions/articles/1000133829-saved-scribes-are-missing-https://help.videoscribe.co/support/solutions/articles/1000133829-saved-scribes-are-missing-

    Your subscription information can be found on your account information page by clicking the ACCOUNT link at the top of this page.

    Mike (videoscribe user)

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