Back to Videoscribe after 2 yr break...and struggling

  • So I just updated many versions at once after not using the sytem for about 2 years. There were too many things I could not do, so just stopped using it. BUT now I am back seems like many new features.....

    I have the simplest of questions that is frustrating me a lot! One USED to be able to stop a script on say a particular text - OR click on the scroll bar at the bottom and it would automatically open that text IN THE POSITION IT HOLDs ON THE SCREEN!!!  No longer. When you click it now it opens the PROPETIES BOX.  But I cannot for the life of me work out how to get that screen to be PRECISELY as I define it  - the only way I have found which is horribly tedious is to play the scribe and stop it where I want. If I go 1 frame past....I have to run it again.

    I can't believe that the feature of seeing the item on the screen IN position has been please someone tell me where it is? It seems everything I try just opens the property box which does not appear to have a simple me exactly how this text fits to the full screen...


    We introduced the Timeline quick menu in v3.2.0 of VideoScribe and the functionality for this action has moved slightly. You have 2 options which will allow you to view an elements camera position.


    Option 1 - From the canvas, right click on the element you would like to focus on select the 'View Camera' option.



    Option 2 - Select an element on the timeline that you want to focus on. This will highlight it in the timeline and you can use the below button the timeline quick menu to jump to the view of that element/scene.



    We have had a fair amount of feedback about this so far so we are considering changing this back to the way it was in the previous versions, this is likely to be incorporated in the next update to VideoScribe. In the meantime, I hope this information on how to skip back to the screen you want is useful.

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