VideoScribe v3.4.0 is now available

  • Version 3.4.0 of VideoScribe was released on the 4th July 2019. To upgrade simply log in to your Sparkol account and click on the Download button.

    Version 3.4.0 includes the following improvements:

    - Template projects

    - Publish to Vimeo

    - Access previously purchased images

    - American Engligh language support

    - User Interface improvements

    - Bug Fixes

    Read the VideoScribe v3.4.0 release notes to find out more detail of each these updates.

    We will also be running a Live Webinar on the new features on the 23rd July


  • Hello, I had to reinstall an old version because the images move without me prompting. Please let me know when you fix this defect. Thanks

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