Creating highly confidential videoscribes

  • Hi there.

    I'm considering using videoscribe to help my clients tell their internal stories, but there is a concern that the content may be accessible by 3rd parties. 

    Is there any reassurance I can provide them with? And I do mean for content created offline, pro edition, within the app - not just the free online version. 

    These clients need to know that not even Sparkol would have access to the content created. Is this realistic? 



  • Hi Will- when you save your scribes, the scribes save locally to your computer. If you render your scribes into a video, they also save locally. There is no way for Sparkol to access any of your scribes.

    If you do require technical support, sometimes we might ask for you to save your scribe to the online cloud to take a look, but there is no way for us to access any locally saved scribes.

  • Thanks Hayley!

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