Unsupported VideoScribe versions are being retired

  • We've stopped supporting the below VideoScribe versions and will disable them in due course, meaning they will no longer work.

    We will be approaching this in the following stages and emailing customers still using these older versions in advance of each stage:

    1. v2.0.0 through v2.1.2 are scheduled to be disabled on the 7th October

    2. v2.2.0 through v2.3.4 are scheduled to be disabled on the 14th October

    3. v2.3.5 and v2.3.6 are scheduled to be disabled on the 21st October

    To continue using VideoScribe, you simply need to upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe via www.videoscribe.co/download.

    This is to allow us to focus on developing new functionality and ensure you have the best possible experience making captivating videos. By updating the application, you’ll also get access to all the latest features including:

    • Customizable video templates

    • Publishing your videos straight to Vimeo

    • Changing the color of our library images

    • Enhanced video timeline to edit faster

    • Higher resolution displays

    Any change to this schedule as we proceed will be posted in the comments of this forum post

  • Hola, me descargué videoscribe y realicé un pequeño video para clase. Lo guardé pero se quedó dentro de la cuenta... He intentado acceder ahora a mi cuenta para poder verlo y no me deja porque me pide Sparkol Pro. ¿Hay alguna forma de poder ver mi video sin tener que pagar la versión Pro? ¿Puedo acceder a mi video de alguna otra forma? Me urge mucho!!!!! Gracias :)

  • Hi Diana, 

    It sounds like your free 7 day trial has come to an end. 

    You will need to purchase a subscription to access any of your previous work made. 

  • Hey Hayley,

    I have purchased my videoscribe subscription for 1 year and the  version of videoscribe is 3.3.2. I worked on this for 2 months, now, it is showing free version of videoscribe. I couldn't access my paid version of videoscribe. I need help. 


  • Hi Monica, 

    I have re-synced your subscription. Try logging in again and let us know if you have any further issues

  • We also have an updated version, 3.4 that's available for you to download and install on our website!

  • Hi Hayley,

    Thanks for the re-sync. Now, it is working. I updated the videoscribe to the latest version. 

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