I wonder can there be a "move" item in timeline, so we don't have to morph

  • Right now we need to morph to move an image, and it could be inconvenient if the move involves 2, 3 or 4 images together. (such as a guy on a boat)...  we need to export all images as SVG files and make it into one single image.

    But it is complicated when the person first move to the boat, and then they move together, because now we need to morph the person to move to the boat, and try to make a seamless image that is "the person on the boat", show it, and then morph it to move them together.  If it is not a seamless image then the person will seem like shifting pixels away all of a sudden.

    Can there be just a "move" item in the timeline, which can move one or multiple images all at the same time?

  • another reason is, if you "morph" it to move it, then there is no color for the image.

    if it is just a simple moving to the right for 100 pixels, keeping the color shouldn't be a problem.  (because it is not a complicated "morph" from a cat to a dog)

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