Save final frame as an image?

  • Hi team! A quick one for my very first post on the forum.

    I have searched through the forum and FAQ but can't see the answer anywhere... is it possible to save the final frame of your show as a jpg or other image file? I have tried it within powerpoint, doing a freeze frame from the video, but none of the saves appear to be great quality.

    Anyway, looking forward to your response, and being an active member of the community!

  • Hi Earl- there's no way to do this in VideoScribe I'm afraid¬†

  • Thanks Hayley for that, i appreciate it.

    I have found a way of doing it, just in case anyone else requires this...

    Play your rendered video through VLC Media player, right click where you want the screen to freeze, go to the video sub menu and TAKE SNAPSHOT, the frame will be saved in your PICTURE directory in fairly good quality, depending on the quality of the video you output at.

    I am sure there are other ways, but this was the best one I found with the best quality picture save.

    Again, cheers and thanks.


  • Thanks for sharing Earl!

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