Free Trial after DL its asking me to buy WTF

  •  I wanted to try this application. I follow the steps. Then I already went through creating a new account etc.

    But when i was trying to login i am receiving an error that I need to buy or purchase so I can login. It is really contradicting to your instructions for FREE TRIAL.

    It is just like a style of fooling people. If you are desperate to use it you have no choice but to pay for the catchy "Free Trial"

    It was very frustrating experience!!!  reCAPTCHA check

  • Hi Melanie- I can assure you we're not trying to fool people. Sounds like there might be a technical issue of some sort. I'll convert this into a ticket, and the support team can further assist. 

  • Its worth mentioning that if you or anyone else has already downloaded and installed videoscribe and used a free trial on your computer in the past, then you will probably not be able to use another free trial and you will be asked to pay if you wish to continue using the product.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  •  Also, sometimes people get confused and try to login to the website instead of the videoscribe program. If you are on the website you may continue to see advertisements with pricing information. If that's the case, close your web browser and run the videoscribe program and log in.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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