Current requests to update Videoscribe - my pet beefs and requests (after 7-8 years trying)

  •  Perhaps some of the below issues are already solved...but here is my wishlist...

    1. Why can’t the HANDS default be set in SETTINGs where other features are. I constantly forget to change it on each scribe and its annoying. Why can’t you set a global feature for hands.

    2. If you re-use an image for example, and copy and paste, it only pastes in the original place where the image was – is there a  way to move to a position before it is places as sometime it can be a long way from where you want to place it.

    3. Why can’t the elements be numbered. It is really difficult to keep track of where you are when you have hundreds of elements…..Numbering would help

    4. When you open a scribe, you cannot see the name…why not – in every program I have ever used, the exact name is listed on the screen – not in videoscribe -only the first  17-18 characters…it is reasonable to expect the exact name to be visible (particularly when you have a dozen or more versions..)

    5. Why can’t you add the last edit date as part of the data in the index of scribes? I really find this frustrating. You can’t change the creation date, if you use even one element of a previously created scribe. Why this scheme was established is a mystery to me. Someone obviously decided that all scribes for EVER that are created from one version, will have the same creation date. I have scribes I created in 2013 and modify to create completely new scribes…and they have a date created in “Nov 2013” or whatever month. This is patently ridiculous. If you can’t change it (why is anyone’s guess) then at LEAST add the Last edited date.

    6. I find it also a mystery what “Newest first” and “newest edited first” means. As far as I can see, if you would only put the last edit date it would give me the info I need. I have to create the most ridiculous names because the creation date never changes when I modify a scribe.

    7. Why ask for creation date?  Well, suppose I create a scribe that has the beginning and end of a complex scribe and I use this to save me a huge amount of time by just editing the same file and saving it with a new name…OH dear, they will all have the same creation date. Please get over who ever told you to keep the same creation date. This is a really ridiculous concept that someone convinced you on.

    8. Inserting new elements: please create a mode where I can STAY where I have started to insert. Click on an element and all subsequent inserts are added THERE. So many times, in the middle of 200 element scribe, I start to insert elements…and before I know it they are all at the end because I did NOT KEEP clicking on the element I want to insert at. This has happened to me literally dozens of times.

    9. Inserting one scribe into another: Why can I not literally insert a scribe in the middle of another? Select a space and insert scribe blab la…this would make life so much easier when trying to combine elements from one scribe to another. Otherwise you have to select the elements, copy then, close the scribe, open a new scribe, insert the elements… wow what a lot of work. If you allow adding a scribe, I would make my introduction elements (maybe 20 or so), make my ending elements (the same) and simply insert intro and ending at the right time.(at least then the creation date would be right!!)

    10. Sound Track. Well there is progress from 6 or 7 years ago, but its still not sufficient. You can add ONE music track that is entire scribe, and you can insert a audio track BUT you can only record it directly from the mic….if you make a mistake…you start again. NOONE EVER operates this way in audio video world. It is better to be able to insert a sound track that you have pre-recorded (and still have music!!) or at least be able to save and edit!!! You can’t edit anything from an audio perspective. Now basically you have to go to an off line sound recording software, manufacture your sound track them make it match to the Vidoscribe by changing the Videoscribe timing…very painful process.

    11. Insert video: people have asked for this from day one. It has been ignored for the past 7 years I have been a scribe user. It’s simple. Add a video clip….just do it.

    12. Rendering off-line: Rendering my scribes typically takes 3-5 hours. I can’t use Videoscribe while this is happening. Can you push this off-line?

    13. Please reintroduce the ORIGINAL drawing mode for bitmaps – in Version 1 or maybe 2, you had a draw mode that did a fantastic job on for example faces. It let you determine the level of detail to draw and the result was really clever when you re-drew it fast…it really looked like an artist drawing the picture. Now, its BLA…stupid lines that bring the image onto the screen…looks horrible. Maybe most of your users have never seen the original. I actually have kept one of the first versions on my computer JUST to create super great effects from bitmaps that cannot be done with any of the current modes of drawing. Reveal is wimpish to say the least.


  • Hello JP, 

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I have sent a link to this post to the UX and Product teams for VideoScribe so they can take a look as we do love some detailed user feedback! 

    We try to keep this forum to one request per topic so if people 'like' the idea we know exactly what they are liking, the number of likes is one of the things we use to determine what we may work on next. I'll address each point individually here the best I can but some may also be directed elsewhere for follow-up. 

    1. We have a few requests regarding hands but I cannot see this one on a quick search of the site so you may be the first to raise this. I would recommend adding this as a indivdual post on it's own so other Scribers can vote on it and comment on how useful they would find it.

    2. This one does exist, rasied a little while back but not had any support from anyone. You can comment on this one and give it a 'like' to vote for it - I like this one personally so I'll add a thought and a like now.

    3. This one has already been requested and has a couple of votes, add you vote here - 

    4. I'm not sure if the truncation in that top area is enforced or a choice, but we can always put it somewhere else if it is enforced. It's been raised before but that was a long time ago and may have resulted in what we've got now. Feel free to comment on though and re-open the discussion. You can find it one click if you need it though at the moment, just click save and the name is there in full.

    5. I've just opened an old scribe, changed the name and saved. This is a new file and it has a new created date (today). Using v3.5.2-18 on Windows64. We could add the last edit to the UX as well though, not been requested yet so again please raise this as a new topic so we can gauge popularity.

    6. 'Newest Scribes first' sorts on created date. 'Newest Modified Scribes first' is the modified date (which is recorded but not displayed)

    7. Covered above, if you create a brand new file name it will have a created date of that day and not carry over the original file.

    8. Current workflow is that the anything you add will go after the currently selected element on the timeline, if you have nothing selected it will get added to the end. So yes, I can see how working in the middle of big scribes could be frustrating if you have forgotten to select something. One for our UX team to ponder. Again, not seeing this requested anywhere specifically before so worth raising as an individual topic. 

    9. So yes, it's copy and paste as the best option for this as it stands. Not something I've seen asked for before though so again would need to be an individual topic to be voted on and have more chance of getting implemented.

    10. This is a long standing and popular request and one we have given a lot of thought to over the years. If it was a simple thing to do we would have done it by now. Also, we get a lot of feedback that the simple timeline is a massive plus point for people new to video making. Adding a more traditional/complex video makers timeline is therefore likely to alienate a lot of people. It get's reviewed and discussed regularly though and is never too far from our minds - Feel free to vote/comment on the original request - 

    11. This one does have a few votes already -

    12. We introduced for this reason, uploads the project to our servers in a few seconds and they render it for you. Once it's on you can download an MP4 version in 3 quality settings (inc 1080). You get an email when it completes so you can just carry on working away while our servers do the hard work. Find oot more about this on our publish and share scribe help page.

    13. I wasn't around for v1 but I was here for most of v2. When you imported a Bitmap you had 6 reveal options but a lot of them did not work well unless you had a very specific image so we reviewed them and cut it down to the 2 most consistant (which we called 'reveal' and 'sketch'. We also added a preview play so you could choose before you import. All of this was done in v3. I can't be sure which 2 were retained as it's been a few years but I can check if needed, from memory it was numbers 2 and 5 from the image below... Can you remember which one you liked that's missing now?

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