My own Library of elements

  •  I am frequently wanting to use an element I created (sometimes years ago) in a new scribe. I want to be able to tag an element in any scribe and send it to MY personal Library! It would be just like the image library, but these are created, not from uploading images, but tagging elements and putting them into a library. For example, I have dozens of images that were created in early versions of Videoscribe - the versions where the transcription of the image to the screen is not done by the "wallmart" method (ie cheap and nasty) but by a really nice methods that actually draws the lines on the image as if it were almost a vector. The only way I can capture these, is open an older scribe, copy the element, close the scribe, open the new one and paste.  Very time consuming - and it assumes I can remember which scribe those nice elements are in.

    I don't think there is a personal library like this. I know your images that are uploaded go into the library but you cannot put an element from another scribe into a library

    So if you think this would be a great feature VOTE for it .

  • There isn't in VideoScribe but you can create your own Library quite quickly outside the application. If you right click on the image on the canvas and click 'Export to SVG' you can then save this in it's SVG format in a folder somewhere on your machine and organise them anyway you like. You can then import these images from this folder at any time you like in just a few clicks.

  •  This is actually really useful - how come I never in 7 years clicked on the right mouse button. I greated a library and it worked well.  Barry, a while ago you asked me what type of drawing model I liked. I made this scribe a couple years ago with some examples if how I like the images to be drawn. Actually, I would have liked to be able to stop the image being drawn to completion  - so that you end up with a bunch of lines but quite dense. This way a real image of a person is cartoonized - see the attached scribe where I made some of these several years ago and imported them using your trick above with the library!!

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