Organising Images

  • Future Feature request... It would be great to be able to sort uploaded images into folders as I have rather a lot of them now. 

    Additional Morph and movement tools/options would be most appreciated too!

  • Ability to replace an updated SVG rather than have to add a new file to VideoScribe would be highly effiicent

  • Derek, We try to keep things to one request per post, and also one post per request so we can count votes (likes) and comments to judge popularity. So I'll answer these but then close the post and direct you to the original requests and you can ask any specific follow up questions there.

    - You can create external libraries in .zip folder and open them to browse in VideoScribe. See our View images from a ZIP file in VideoScribe for more details. This was also requested a few days ago here so you can comment and like this post to show support

    -  Additional Morph and movement tools/options is a fairly broad request. Here's a couple of options that you might like to show support for - Ability to move out & Move an object on the canvas.

    - You can already replace an image, go to the properties of the image you want to replace and click on the 'Select Image' tab to replace that image with another