Attribution of content- I'd rather err with too much than not enough

  • Hi,

    I am taking an Instructor's Diploma and one of my assignments is to create a video I could use at work.  I am currently using your 7-trial. I read through your "terms and usage" section, which honestly confused me more and didn't really answer my question. Could you please clarify if a user of your product (images, sound clips, and permanent marker font) needs to"attribute" all of these elements in a Videoscribe video? I would rather err on the side of too much attribution than not enough. 

    Please advise.

    Thank you kindly,


  • During your free 7-day free trial, you can:

    1. Upload videos to YouTube and make money from advertising revenue

    2. Embed videos on your business or personal website to win new business

    3. Use videos in sales and marketing material, presentations and pitches

    The VideoScribe watermark will appear on any videos that you make during your free trial.

  • Hi Haley,

    Thank you for your response. I will do that for the trial version. However, I  am now

      planning on buying the program. How would you advise I attribute then? Do I add a logo for Videoscribe?

    Thanks again!


  • There is no need to add anything to your videos if you are paying for a subscription with regards images and fonts (unless you import your own and don't have the appriopriate licence). The only thing you need to consider is soundtracks, they are all royalty free but some do ask for a credit to the artist if using commercially. You can get a list of tracks, artists and the requirements on our music copyright help page.

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