• Hello, I am trying from my trial version to upload my scribe to Youtube but at the moment of selecting the account and the last screen where Videoscribe requests to access my Google account appears, the allow button appears but does not let me press it. I have checked the permissions of the google account and it tells me that sparkol has permission, I don't know what else to do. My project online is called: PUERTAS ABIERTAS VIRTUALES CEIP MIGUEL DE UNAMUNO Thank you very much
  •  (Raising a ticket is sometimes a better option than posting in the public forum.)

    If this is a class assignment due tomorrow, and you have not already gotten help, I recommend that you publish the video in any way you can such as facebook or as a powerpoint file.

    Also if this is a class assignment, you could export your work as a .scribe file and send it to a classmate to publish it for you.

    -MIke (videoscribe user)

  • Have a look at the support article 'Can't Publish to YouTube'.

    You'll need to render locally and then manually upload. 

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