GIF plays with black bar over the image

  • I imported a GIF file that I quite like from the internet.  When I play it, a black bar shows up in the middle of the image while it is animated.  Does anyone know why and how I can get rid of the black box?

    (2.41 MB)
  • You'll need to attach the GIF to take a closer look 

  • HI Hayley,

    it was this cat with scissors ;-)

  • Hi,

    I just opened it and resaved it with photoshop and it seems to be fixed.

  • Hola, tengo un problema al subir el gif ya que me aparece un cuadrado azul que no debería estar allí.

    Lo intenté abrir y guardar con Photoshop pero no lo supe realizar y no resultó. Muchas gracias!



  •  I resaved it for you to remove the black rectangle.

    However, the large file size and large number of gif frames may cause problems in videoscribe.

    Google searches will help you to find tutorials about resizing gifs, optimizing gifs, and reducing the frame count of gifs, if you want to reduce the size of your gif.

  • Mike Metcalf Muchas gracias!!!

    Te pasaste <3

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