What to do after rendering is complete?

  • I have rendered my first video 4 times. Every time I had to wait for three hours for a 6 minutes long video. The bad thing is that after I am notified that the rendering is complete, i click on download assuming that now the rendered video would be downloaded.  When i click on download after rendering is complete, it starts rendering again.....which again takes two hours. 

    what to do after rendering is complete so that I can have my video downloaded in my laptop? 

  •  When you click the download/publish icon to render a video, (see letter G)

    you are are prompted to select a video file name and a destination folder. (see letter L)

    Then you click the tick mark icon (M) and the video is rendered and saved to that folder.

    If you click the download/ publish icon again, you will be repeating the same process again.

    view the folder you chose to save the video in, or search your hard drive for the video file name to find your video.

    Hope that helps,

    Mike (videoscribe user)

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