[HIGH PRIORITY] Please add shortcuts to play from current element and Set/clear Camera position.

  • It will be extremely helpful if you add shortcuts to play from the current element and set/clear camera positions. Many of us who are syncing the voice with scribe need to play from the exact element to see what needs to be adjusted instead of watching from the beginning. 

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  • *Keyboard shortcuts 

  • ctrl + p = plays from the beginning. 

    ctrl + shift + p = play from the current element ? 

    ctrl  + shift + L = lock / unlock current camera position? 

  • totally agree, not having these short keys damages your arms/hands. I have to click soooo much.

  • you can play the video from current element in videoscribe, you don't need shortcut for this. just click the 'play from current' button. and this feature is already there from the first time

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