What languages and fonts would you like to see?

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  • Dear Barry,

    Please add Tamil language, 

    Available google fonts are catamaran, Hind Madurai, Meera Inimai, mukta malar, Arima Madurai, paavanam, baloo thambu 2, coiny, kavivanar.

    Many Thanks

  • Dear Brother Barry, Plz...Plz...Plz...Plz.. New Release Videoscribe 3.6 Never Display Hindi Font Some letter or letter part On Canvas. Letter typing correctly but when typing letter and hit right mark missing some parts of letter on canvas. Such as... Im Type hindi (के) letter after hit enter & Display in canvas (क) letter. Also give example- type & display मे-म ले-ल कु-क कू-क कां-का Here I'm giving few letter but I faced Many letters problem. This problem are face about many letter. Pleasssssssssssssse Dear Solve this problems. Many Thanks
  • Please add M PLUS Rounded 1c. Thanks
  • Please add: Amatic, Bebas Neue, Funsized, Futura, Monserrat, OblixPro, Open Sans. Also it will be great if there are some condensed version fo the fonts like Roboto and Open Sans condensed version.

  •  Open sans

  •  But actually being able to upload a custom font is the ONLY way to be able to follow our client's visual identities

  • Hi Barry, 

    Is popping back in Basic (Sparkol) something you would have scope for? 

    At my company, we create eLearning videos with VideoScribe as part of our main product. We have a very distinctive style and we use the Basic typeface for any text we write within our videos. 



  • Thanks for sharing all your requests! As soon as we know what's going to be added next we'll let you know. 

    Uploading new custom fonts is not available in v3.6, you would need to be using v3.5 for that. Custom fonts will support fewer languages and also not have the quality (resolution) levels of GoogleFonts in v3.6.

    If you have a custom font in an existing project or the BASIC font you can use them in v3.6 by following the steps on our Historic fonts help page.

  • As some others have said, uploading custom fonts is critical for our projects since client branding guidelines dictate which fonts we can use.

    Looks like moving back to v3.5 is our best option at this time. Hopefully you add the custom font capability back in the next version.

  • Would really appreciate if you can add Sinhala fonts. I have made 4 videos with good response. But I live in Sri Lanka - so ideally I would like to make these videos in Sinhala. 


  • Hi Barry,

    Please add Thai font to your system. 

    There are a lot of Thai font in Google Font. I recommended to add Sarabun, Kanit, Sriracha, Prompt, Itim, Charmonman.

    Thank you very much.

  • Dear Barry,

    Please add Tamil language, 

    Available google fonts are catamaran, Hind Madurai, Meera Inimai, mukta malar, Arima Madurai, pavanam, baloo thambi 2, coiny, kavivanar.


  • Why I can't use Myanmar font and you should add Myanmar font in your app for more convenience of the user from Myanmar.

    Best regards,

    Aung Zaw Lwin

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