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  • Hello Everyone, All of this has been said in this forum already but given some recent comments I though I would just cover a few FAQs here in a handy post:

    Why can't you add your own fonts anymore? 
    There were a number of issues with fonts in v2-v3.5 which customers had been wanting to see improvements too for quite a while. The main ones were:
    • Support More languages (we've added Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Japanese & Korean so far)
    • Quality of the text (imported fonts were not HD and could be very fuzzy when zoomed in)
    • Kerning issues
    • Some fonts with longer tails on y's and j's would get cut off and look poor
    To fix all these issues we had to add some boundaries to the fonts we were going to deal with in order to be able truly test each font and know that what you see is what you get when it comes to all those factors. This why we switched to GoogleFonts and why the initial deployment had 60 of their fonts available, there are plans to add more Google fonts and more languages over time. I understand some customers will not like this change but this is very much about providing a top quality finished video and a huge step forward in that regard.

    What fonts support my language? 
    We have a handy help page which shows all the fonts and which languages - Supported languages and fonts and this will be updated as and when new fonts/languages are added. We also have a blog post on the inital 60 fonts that shows examples of the options for the new languages - Choosing the best fonts for our supported languages

    If a new language or font is requested, how long does it take to get it? 
    The purpose of this forum is to help us gauge which languages and fonts will be popular. We have our own data on this such as where our customers are from or looking through the Google options to see styles that are not represented well in the original 60. So requesting a font or language here does not mean it will be in VideoScribe, it just means we will consider it when we are deciding what to add next. As the answer to the first FAQ here shows adding a new font, and especially a new language take a fair bit of time, effort and testing so you are not going to see these turned around quickly. We will be looking to add more and more over time but these are likely to be in small batches periodically instead of a regular steady stream. 

    How can I increase the chances of my request being chosen? 
    Details! If you just provide a font name we'll still consider it but understanding why you would like it will allow us to see the request through your eyes a lot more and fully understand your need and if it can apply to other people too. 

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    Could you add the attached fonts for Vietnamese. 

    Thanks & Best Regards,


  • My company has a pretty strict attachment to Optimistic Display. I'd love to continue using VideoScribe for in-office production but without Optimistic Display it might not be possible.

    Many thanks,


  • Sir, could you please add the urdu language font "NOTO NASTALIQ URDU" which also is  a google font



  • I'd love it if you added Roboto Condensed. You already have Roboto and Roboto mono. Adding the condensed version would make this font family even better. Thanks!

  • Vocês poderiam adicionar o português do Brasil. Feito isso o  VideoScribe ficará cada vez melhor!

  • Hello, I don't find the font for Amharic language. I have installed an Geez font on my mac but it doesn't show up in the list of available fonts on the left under clicking on "More Fonts" button

    Why am I not seeing it the font even if I had installed it on my mac?

    Can you please add this font?

    Geez font (Geez alphabets) are used in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    (216 KB)
  • Posting to support the ability to change my default font.  Also to add the ability to Bold, Underline, Italicize, etc. various text within the box. 

  • Hello

    Please add more cyrillic front like this or another 

  • I want to type my contents in Tamil... Please let us use Tamil fonts in Videoscribe. 

  • How can I type Tamil in Videoscribe? 

  • Can I ask for the font 'Now'!! https://www.1001fonts.com/now-font.html I want  to use it in almost every project. 

  • I understand the desire to move to a better system and the limitations that come with it. However it would have been nice to retain the old functionality so companies like ours can migrate over time. The old system wasn't great, but it's been there since day one and over the years we've made it work. This change means we cannot revise any of our previous projects while retaining the overall theme (such as the font style) without sticking to 3.5. Which, in turn, means we cannot prepare future projects for 3.6 without re-installing the program on a project-basis. Not being able to retain the theme means everything needs to be re-approved by our clients and creates a loss in uniformity between projects we've previously delivered to them. For videos that are a part of an ongoing series that's a serious problem.

    I would like to see the ability to import custom fonts -despite all its imperfections- returned as a legacy option that's retained for a few more versions.

  • Here here Tomas. Can't imagine Microsoft or Adobe just pulling a significant feature or tool without any warning or ability to adopt over time.

  • Tomas and Leigh, we have built in the ability to keep themes going when using v3.6. While clicking the 'Add Text' button will use the new font system you can copy/paste old text elements then double click on them to amend. So if you open a project from the series, save it a under a new name to create a copy and use that as a template you can edit the text elements you have within that to make a project on the same theme and copy/paste if you need more text elements. We explain how to do this on our Historic fonts help page.

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