What languages and fonts would you like to see?

In Progress
  • Excellent thanks. Will this be maintained or will it disappear in the future?

  • I wish that Font Awesome was supported.

  • Adobe Arabic  / bold 

    Monadi / Reguler

    DecoType Naskh

    One of the most beautiful and clear Arabic fonts

    Please enable it



  • My company (SAP) standard font is Benton Sans. I can no longer use 3.6 without support for this font. Can you please add it.


  • I wish font that support Thai language.

    itim that you suggest has limitation for use.

    Could you please add Sriracha font or other that support Thai language ?

  • Could you please add Amharic to the list of languages please...

  • Hi.

    Can the support team please inform if there is any font in Videoscribe similar to Chalkboard fonts?


    Thank you.


    Leonardo Bissoli.

  • I'd probably use this font and colour option if I was going to try and recreate a chalkboard

  • The CI guidelines for our organization only permits Tahoma and Sugar Plum.  I can't publish content unless I use these fonts.

    Can these be added??

    Thank you

  • Adobe Arabic  / bold 

    Hacen Tunisia Bold

    bader al yadawi

    Hacen Sahara


    Abdo Logo

    Monadi / Reguler

    DecoType Naskh

    One of the most beautiful and clear Arabic fonts

    Please enable it

  • I am a big fan of sketch fonts, therefore it would be great if you could add the 2 Google fonts  

    "Londrina Sketch" & "Cabin Sketch". 

    It would allow me to achieve the aesthetic i like to see in my videos - than you in advance.

  • Hi there,

    I hope you can add the font Nordica? 

    I use it in our logo, so it's essential for me!

    Kind regards, 


  • HI there,

    is it possible to add the font "Cabin sktech bold"? Would love to use it in every single project.

    Best regards

  • Thai

    60+ million people use it...

    It's in the top 25 largest languages in the world.

    Free open source Google supported: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Sarabun

    And your page that shows languages that aren't supported has Thai for the demo video ;-)



  • Please could there be access to Google font Monserrat?



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