What languages and fonts would you like to see?

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  • I would like to be able to use the fonts I have installed on my computer!

    Can`t for the life of me see any good reason for taking that option away.

    Having real problems now making followup films for clients. 

    Software should evolve forward not limit you.

  • Português

  • Is the Farsi or Persian language added in Version 3.6?



    AMATIC SC  (regular and bold)

  • Any cartoon and comic-book font would be appreciated. 

    Patric Hand, Amatic SC.

    And I really would liket the option to pick among all the installed  fronts again.

    Google fonts can never fill all our needs.

  • Request Sparkol team to add Tamil  font! Thank you.

  • Please add more hand-drawd style and creative fonts like

    Amatic SC, Patrick Hand, Handlee, Patrick Hand SC, Lint McCree, Nawabiat, Banana Milkshake, Playlist, Beachwood

    At least a few of these are free Google fonts. If you can only add Google fonts, I would appreciate access to the largest selection of handwritten/comic style Google fonts possible.

    Thank you!

  • Hello!  I'm hoping we can get the following fonts added :)

    • Literata
    • Open Sans
    Thank you so much!

  • Please add Arial font to your library.

  •  I'm a new customer and disappointed to see the I can't use fonts installed on my computer as suggested in one of the videos I watched. Due to brand continuity, I can't use any other font. Will need a refund!

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  • I'd love to see Delius added please. It's my company's branded font and the reason why I bought VidoeScribe is to make videos for my business. 

    Thank you.

  • Hello Everyone! 

    We have a big update to share...10 new fonts have been added into VideoScribe! These were 10 of the most requested fonts from this forum.  

    Specifically, we have had @Bob, PH, Yann, Marina, Sebastien, Leigh, Julian, Steve, Alex, Lilly, Per, Carole and Sheena (I think that's everyone!) put in a request for one or more of these fonts.

    Check them out:

    Amatic Sc - Supports Latin and Hebrew

    Permanent Marker - Supports Latin

    Patrick Hand - Supports Latin

    Sriracha - Supports Latin

    Pangolin - Supports Latin and Cyrillic

    Open Sans - Supports Latin and Cyrillic

    Sarabun - Supports Latin

    Cabin Sketch - Supports Latin

    Lato - Supports Latin

    Bangers - Supports Latin

    Hope you like them! 

  • Please add these google fonts Cairo Harmattan Aref Ruqaa
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