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  • Would it be possible to add classic fonts like Arial or Calibri?

  • Requesting Sindhi Font in VideoScribe

    I request Sindhi Font for VideoScribe. Sindhi is written Right to Left in Arabic Script & it has more than 75 Million speakers in Pakistan, India & in rest of the world. Font for Sindhi is aleary available on Google on this link https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Lateef#standard-styles

    Kindly consider my request, as we wish to teach Sindhi to non native speakers, in this regard we need help of VideoScribe.

    Kind regards,


    Sindh, Pakistan

  • Hello!

    Please, add font Xarrovv - both latin and cyrillic. The font is free to use.

    You may find it here: www.dimka.com/fonts/

    I'm from Russia. Unfortunately the choice of cyrillic fonts is poor.

    And thank you for excellent program! 

  • For fonts to be considered they must be available on https://fonts.google.com/. You can browse the Cyrillic offering via https://fonts.google.com/?subset=cyrillic and you can see the fonts we have available in VideoScribe for that language via https://support.sparkol.com/knowledge/supported-languages-and-fonts (there are 23 to choose from currently) 

  • Hello there, I am from Myanmar and I have to use mostly Myanmar fonts (Pyidaungsu font) in video scribing. I kindly request you to add Pyidaungsu font in Videoscribe so that it can help me to make easier.

  • Hello, please support Vietnamese in VS. Some google fonts in VS already support Vietnamese but when showing on the scribes, the words are missing the accent signs. Thanks so much! 

  • Hi there,

    I noticed some limitations with the Arabic fonts. I can type the 'tashkeel's (vowels) in the edit text box, but they don't show in the canvas. Please refer attached file for better understanding.

    Typed in Edit Box = مُعَلِّمٌ

    Appears on Canvas = معلم

    Thanks and regards

  • Hey there Syed,

    Thanks for posting this, and including so much detail. I'll get it raised with the development team so we can investigate. 

    One thing worth mentioning, you are using a non-arabic font in your example. Alef only supports Latin and Hebrew text.

    You can see the supported languages below the text editor (highlighted) and we also have built in language filters (circled greed) which were added in the latest update (v3.7.3622). The Supported languages and fonts help page has a full list as well if you want to review things that way.

    The issue still happens when I pick an Arabic font though so it's a problem and we'll look to get it fixed as quickly as we can.

  • Sorry for interrupting. To clarify, with the Vietnamese supported Google fonts, I actually have the exact same problem with Syed above (illustrated in the attached image). 

    Thanks and regards.

  • Thanks Barry! :)

    Hope you and the team will get it fixed soon, good luck.


  • Architects Daughter needs to be added!


    Also, is it possible to add the BASIC font again? I know I saw the article about how to get it to work (https://help.videoscribe.co/support/solutions/articles/11000010706) but honestly it's a total pain having to download the files etc.

  • Architects Daughter should be added!


    Also can we make it so we can download the Basic font as a font file?

  • @Thien Hoang - Vietnamese is not currently supported in VideoScribe, see https://support.sparkol.com/knowledge/supported-languages-and-fonts for more details. 

    @James McManus - Your request for Architects Daughter has been noted and passed to the product team for consideration. There are no plans to add Basic it's not a Google font.

  • Dear Sparkol Team,

    please consider adding some nice fonts that work well in all caps and still look like they've been handwritten.

    Here's my suggestion, though it'd be wonderful to have this or similar in various thicknesses.


    Thank you,


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