Arabic language

  • please fix the text 

    1- arabic language is typing from right to left 

    2- when you type arabic language and number all the text is  confuse and mess up

    3- when you change the font the number change but the letters is the same hhhh please fix 

    argent ..!

  •  Hi,

    I don't work for sparkol, but i think:

    1) there is a setting in the text properties menu to reverse the drawing direction.

    2 and 3) you could make 1 element for the text and a separate element for the numbers.

    or possibly try a different font or import more of the full character set for the font.

    I hope those suggestions help.

  • Please make sure you are using the latest version of VideoScribe which offers full support for Arabic

  • it supports  Arabic but still, write from right to left ... we need a button to can reverse it

  • I have not upgraded to the newest version of videoscribe. can anyone reply here and tell us if there is still a "draw backwards" option (or something comparable) for text, somewhere in the new version of videoscribe?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  •  (in 3.5.2 there is a "draw right to left" checkbox under the "drawing options" tab in the text properties. I am assuming it is still there in the newest version.)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • We've removed that button from v3.6 as it detects the language and applies the appriopriate direction. We have found if you mix languages so Latin characters are in there too this will cause conflict and it'll default to LTR.

  • Good morning everybody, 

    I am having problems with the Arabic fonts. i can write in Arabic but i cannot put ّ or ً  ٍ ٌ , and these characters are essential. Do you have any solution for this other than Inkscape?

    Thank you for your cooperation

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