Overlap images results in ruined video

  • As you can see in the image above, i tried to use videoscribe to add comments on top and bottom of a video. To do so, I overlap a black rectangle everytime I wanted to change the text on top and bottom. That resulted in a continious of black shape+text+black shape+text... and so on. 
    Everything looked fine until I tried to play the video.. and this happens. I see a grey kind of brush where the text should appear. Somebody can help me understand why is this software doing this?

    Is it that Videoscribe is not powerful enough to have an overlap of images and it renders them like this? Are we really at this level or I miss something?image


  • Found the answer: 

    This is a bug that we're aware of where if you have 24 elements on top of each other, a white box appears between the first layer and second layer. To avoid this issue, don't have more than 23 elements on top of each other.

    But guys... seriously??? 

  • That's inconvenient. For better results, you might consider arranging the scenes in rows and columns (left to right and up or down) instead of stacking them all in the same space on the canvas.

    You can set the green as your background color for the whole project and just add your black stripes and text elements.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Devid

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    A fix was this was included in version 3.6, can you upgrade to the latest version to resolve this issue?

    If this still occurs, please save your project online and raise a support ticket so we can investigate this for you.

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