Understanding the Example Scribe provided when opening VideoScribe

  •  I'm a bit puzzled but maybe figured it out. When you open VideoScribe there is an Example Scribe. I studied it hoping to emulate some of the drawings but it was puzzling. Here are my thoughts/questions.

    1. It looks like a lot of the text is actually images - is that correct?

    2. If the text is images, are those images created within VideoScribe or outside VideoScribe?

    3. If created outside VideoScribe what software did you use? I use Adobe Illustrator for some of my vector work.

    4. I'd love to get the source file for the image text you created in the Example Scribe - especially the image text with a blue background/outline. Is this possible?

    RECOMMENDATION: I'm somewhat familiar with animation but for a newbie that never used any animation software and is using VideoScribe for the first time, may walk away if they used your Example Scribe as a road map to creating an animation. Most people would reasonably think that the text in the animation is actually text/font and not an image and go bonkers trying to understand how to create.

    Why not provide a link to a video explaining how this scribe was done, especially the text part. It would also be nice if you provided the source file for the image text  making it easier to understand.

  •  I've been using videoscribe for a long time so i don't know what sample scribe is currently included, but:

    1) if you right-click any element in the scribe and select "Properties", the properties menu will indicate whether it is an image or text.

    2) no images are created within videoscribe. Images must be imported from the library, or from other sources,  or made with image editing software and then imported into videoscribe.

    3) Adobe illlustrator and inkscape are the most commonly used vector programs for making SVGs. If you search the forums you will find a number of threads about SVG making.

    4) right click the image-text and export it as an SVG file, then open it in illustrator.

    You may want to watch the tutorial videos on the instant answers page.

    Hope that helps,

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  •  Hey Mike

    I already checked the properties and it says image, not text. I really want to know how the created it. It's pretty neat.  Attached is a screenshot of what I see when I open videoscribe.

    Another issue is rendering. Goodness, I tried rendering the template and it took forever. There also was no indication of rendering progress.

    I'm not sure what version you are using but in my case, I downloaded it yesterday so I assume that is the latest version

    Attached is the screenshot

    (38.5 KB)
  •  p.s. my download version was for 64bit windows.

  •  p.s.s. I already checked out some of the tutor videos. Pretty simple. I think the Example Scribe is more advanced then what the tutors show. I'll keep exploring...thanks again for your help.

    If you happen to get a look at the Example Scribe and know how they did the image text with the outline/background, I'd appreciate your feedback.

  • Hey Jason.

    So we've established it's an image, everything in that scribe was created specifically for that scribe by our in house artists. They would have hand written all that text.

    As Mike said, to get the source SVG right click on the image on the canvas and 'Export to SVG' and you can then take a look in Illustrator to see how it was made. 

    With regards rendering there is a blue progress bar for any of the local render options and the preview will show what frames are being rendered as it progresses.

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