Creating a Video Series: Help with sizing

  • Hi, I am creating a 3-Video series with common images like Logo placed in the corners, intro and conclusion are the same content, etc. 

    The problem is that I cannot create a video scribe with the same size and location for all 3 videos because I cannot duplicate images and lock location (like in the use of Layer in Adobe products). So all 3 videos have different sizes of the logo and titles!!! It's very annoying and clients have noticed these small changes. 

    Can I get any recommendations on how to fix or make this better?

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  •  Make a "template" project (just a regular project) with only the intro, conclusion and the logo in the corner, and with the camera zoom at 100% for all three. Save the project with the word "template" in its file name and be careful to not save any changes to it as you make future projects with it.

    Each time you make a new video for the client, open the template project, save it with a new name, and add whatever additional elements you want to use. Keep the camera zoom at 100% for the intro , conclusion , and any scene that has the logo in the corner. Continue to save the work with the new name, and do not over-write the template project.

    By following that process, the sizing will be identical for all projects.

    I hope I explained it clearly,

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi im shelkh nashim khan please sir
  • What do you need help with Shelkh?

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