Animated GIF doesn't stop on the last frame, it resets to the first frame after playing

  • Here's the problem.   If I choose an Animation length with "Fit to Time"  (without "play continuously" or "loop"), when the animation pauses or the scribe moves on to the next image in the scene, the animated gif resets to the first frame, instead of the last.  This doesn't make sense because the animation should stop where it ended (last frame). 

    For example, you wouldn't loop or continuously play if you had a tree growing from the ground.    But when I place the tree  in videoscribe, it resets to a sapling after it finishes growing.  

    I can't "cover' it with a static image of the tree fully grown because the object still returns to a sapling before it's covered.  It looks like a glitch. 

    Sparkol, can you fix this? 

  •  I don't work for sparkol, but since there has been no activity in this thread I would suggest that you raise a support ticket. Maybe they will have a solution for you.

    If I had to use that animation and needed a workaround, here's what I would try: Open the gif in photoshop and export about every tenth animation frame (1,11,21,31,41....201) as individual images, then import the approximately 21 images into videoscribe with zero second draw times and .2 second pause times. I think that will give you about 4 seconds of animation at about 5 frames per second. If the animation looks too rough, you could try exporting every fifth or fourth frame from the gif and assign a .1 second pause instead of .2.

    I'm not sure this workaround will produce an acceptable result, but its what I would try if there were no alternatives.

    Hope that helps,

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