Limit on voice recording?

  • I have made a scribe and post 27 seconds the voice stops coming yet the video keeps on playing. what should i do?

  • ¬†Customer support works Monday through Friday during regular UK business hours. You should probably raise a ticket to discuss this specific problem with them.

    There is not a 27 second audio limit, but there could probably be a number of things that might cause the audio to stop, either during the recording process , the preview process, the video rendering process, or the playback process.

    1) Is the voiceover stopping when you are previewing the project in videoscribe?
    2) or is it stopping after the video has rendered and the video plays back automatically in videoscribe's video player?
    3) Or is it stopping after you have rendered the video and it is playing on youtube, or facebook or in windows media player or quicktime player or some other video player?
    (if you don't understand the difference among those three options, I will try to explain them more clearly)

    I would recommend that you record your voiceover separately from your videoscribe project. Use an audio program such as audacity or any other program you have and save the audio as an MP3 file that you can import into videoscribe. That way you can examine your audio file more carefully if a problem occurs

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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