Changing the order of scenes on the timeline


    I'm trying to change the scene order on the timeline.

     I drag the scenes to where I want them. 

    When I release the mouse button they jump back to the original position... so I can't change the scene order. 

    None of the scenes I'm working with are locked. 

    Any ideas? 

  • image

  • This is the captured video


  • Hi,

    only individual  thumbnails can be dragged in the time line. Click one , then click and drag it, then do the next one.

    If that does not work, there might be problems with your project that need to be addressed. save your project online and raise a support ticket (link near bottom of this page)

    Mike (videoscribe user)

  • thanks.

    As you can see in the GIF video, only one thumbnail is operated.

    Restarting the application and computer will not solve the problem.

    (link near bottom of this page)

    Which Bodin is it?

  • Which button is it?

    (Can't edit a post?)

  •  Hi,

    Ah yes I see it was just one thumbnail being moved. I must have been typing my reply at the same time you were uploading the gif.

    Here is a copy of the link to raise a ticket: Raise a Ticket.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
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