Export is blown out

  • Hi... wondering why there is a difference in luminance between what I see when I'm in Videoscribe versus what I see when I output my QT 1080 .mov?  The export seems to be very blown out.  I've attached two images so you can see what I'm talking about.  The regular contrast screenshot is what I'm seeing in Videoscribe, and the blown out screenshot is from the rendered output file.   

    We obviously can't use the output, as our product is not as we want it to be shown

    (26.1 KB)
  • That's an unacceptable result.

    A google search returns various articles about quicktime encoding too dark or light , and quicktime player playing too dark or light...

    1) You could attach your .scribe file if you want to see if the video is less blown out on other users' computers (with different codecs installed).

    2) What happens if you export a different video format?

  • Hello!  Here is the scribe file for you to run on your system... 

    I'll try exporting a different format per your suggestion.


  • Exporting as a .png sequences seems to solve the problem.

  • That's interesting. Did you try WMV or AVI? Unfortunately I cannot open the .scribe since I am using an older version of videoscribe. I'm curious. Are you able to view the MOV file in more than one video player (for example quicktime player and VLC player, to see if there is a visible difference?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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