Stroke width changes in video scribe after i export from illustrator! please help

  • So i'm exporting svg from illustrator to videoscribe and the stroke thickness changes. I dont know why this is happening.

    1. this is my original stroke thickness in illustrator


    2. this is what i'm getting in videoscribe after exporting the svg from illustrator to videoscribe


    3. these are my export settings


    Note: i'm changing the stroke opacity to 0% before exporting svg so that  it is shown transparent in videoscribe to reveal the image below 

  •  I think  that either SVG format does not allow a stroke size larger than about 250 or Videoscribe does not recognize a stroke size larger than about 250 pts.

    Is that an extremely large image file? You could use an image editor to resize your image down to a height of 1080(the maximum video height for videoscribe) or less. Then import it into illustrator and use a smaller stroke size to reveal it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thank you so much mike
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