Issue with revealing colour vs drawing the lines order

  • Hey,

    I'm currently evaluating Videoscribe for use for work and have run into an annoying issue when trying to draw more complex shapes.

    I want to have a line drawing that has colour so the lines would be drawn first and then it would reveal the colour with the 0 opacity brush trick. What happens however is that when the SVG is uploaded to VideoScribe regardless of the order the lines were drawn the 0 opacity one is executed first and it reveals the whole image including the strokes and then the hand retraces all of the lines even though they are all now already visible.

    I have tried multiple orders and multiple files, but apart from a very simple one where it did the actions in the expected order (draw lines, then use 0 opacity line to reveal colour) it always seems to end up revealing the whole image - both colours and lines - and then uselessly retracing the strokes.

    Any idea what might be going wrong?

    I've attached an example file. Note I have tried not using any layer structure at all, pasting in elements in different orders into a fresh SVG etc. but to no avail.

    SVG being created in Illustrator CC 2019.


    (16.3 KB)
  • problem1)

    Layer 5, the layer with the reveal strokes needs to be at the TOP of the layers list if you want it to draw last. Currently it is below the black line art.

    problem 2)

    you have your line art nested one layer deeper than your reveal strokes, so you ALSO have to drag the layer named "group" out of the layer named "Layer 2"

    So you should have:

    >Layer 1

    >>Layer 5


    >>Layer 4

    (and you can delete "Layer 2" after you empty everything out of it)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Perfect, thank you!

    It seems that it's easy to accidentally create layers within layers in Illustrator thanks to grouping objects.  I'm sure I had tried it with the correct layer order before, but definitely still had the nested layers issue.

    Once again, thanks!

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