Google fonts....(again)

  • Hi, 

    I (think) I see why the fonts in v3.6.1169 have changed, but I really need to use corporate standards of Arial and Calibri, or equivalents. Could you please tell me what is available to use, or else despite liking the product so much that I have a lifetime licence I will have to change products, as these are absolute imperatives to me.


  • Hi Bruce. VideoScribe has now 60 new fonts available from the get-go in VideoScribe with a range of styles and weights. We now support multiple languages in VideoScribe including Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Latin.

    When you create a text element, you can now see how your font and style will look in the editor view, before you see it on canvas. You can now have text elements of varying colours. Highlight sections of text and then select your colour. 

    We have made wholesale changes to the way fonts work and operate within VideoScribe, including improving the resolution to vector graphics grade so the text that is written is sharp. The kerning of our fonts has been improved from previous versions.

    If there is a particular Google font you would like to see added please visit our 'What languages and fonts would you like to see?' forum.

    If you need to use your own imported fonts at this time, you can download 3.5.2-18 under the 'Previous versions' section on the download page.