Preview in FullHD (1080p)?

  • So, I know that some of Videoscribe users avoid rendering at all by using a screen capture software that allows you to captcher a 5-min video in 5 mins.

    What a huge advantage!

    But the highest resolution possible in this case is 720p.

    It would be great if we could preview our videos in 1080p. 

    I'm not a techy person, but if the software can play the vid in 720p, why can't it in 1080p?

    In this case, I would just use my Camtasia and forget about long hours of rendering.

    Any thoughts?

  • 720p is not the highest resolution possible for the preview.

    I believe that 720 is typically 1280x720 pixels.

    If your previews are that size, it is only due to the resolution of your computer screen.

    For example, my larger monitor previews at a size of 1600x900 at its current resolution.

    If you want a preview larger than 1280x720, then you need to use a higher screen resolution . (That may be limited by your monitor or video card)

    1080p will probably require a screen resolution  that is 1920 pixels wide.

    Be aware that previews may drop multiple frames per second so the resulting animation may seem choppy compared to a fully rendered video. On the other hand, the convenience /speed of video capture really can speed up the process!

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Wow!

    Thanx a lot, Mike! What a revelation! I must have been more attentive!

    I'm using a laptop with a 1920/1080 screen and an internal screen which has a 1920/1200 resolution. And I've just checked and realized that I can preview at a size of 1640/922, which is a lot more than I thought before (720p).

    I still see no differences between a preview mode and a rendered video.

    Mike, thank you a lot again.

    I would highly appreciate if anyone could preview a video using a 4k screen. Is it possible to preview it at a resolution of 1920/1080  (FullHD)? If yes, I would certainly get the cheepest 4k screen just for this purpose!

  • If there is any other way to get a 1080p without using a 4k screen, I'd be more than happy for a piece of advice.

  •  Because videoscribe's preview incorporates some user interface graphics above and below the preview canvas, a screen resolution of 1920x1080 (a common contemporary 16:9 ration display resolution) will force videoscribe to shrink down the preview canvas (which is always a 16:9 ratio) in order to accommodate the User interface graphics above and below.

    In other words, if your screen resolution is 1920 wide, its going to need to be MORE than 1080 high in order to accommodate the UI graphics AND still be able to display the preview at the full 1920 width of the screen.

    I THIIIINK that  any older computer monitor with 4:3 ratio display and a resolution of 1920x1440 would PROBABLY display a preview canvas that is 1920x1080.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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