Problem with uploading image

  • Hi there, I was using and ading images very easily but then all of a sudden one of the image sizing 6MB just got stuck and it is still in the image library and constantly preventing software to open add image box, it gets hang whenever I am opening the add image box the rest of software is running properly. Please help to get rid of the error. 

  • Try going through the steps in Library images will not preview or load

    If the issue persists, raise a ticket with the support team. Be sure to include the version you're using and OS you're running

  • Hi Anas Rafiq,

    I'm a user, but I think if you use images that are multiple megabytes in size with videoscribe, you may start running into memory usage problems.

    If you can save your project, restart videoscribe and delete the large image file(s) from your project and from your project and from your recently used images library folder, videoscribe may return to working normally.

    If possible, you may want to optimize any large image files to be less than one megabyte before importing them into VideoScribe.

    Again, this is just advice based on my experience as a user, Customer support support may have suggestions that are different, or more specific.


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