How to removed imported fonts?

  • Hi I just updated to the version which now uses google fonts. I see that importing fonts is basically the same process, but am I blind or have we lost the ability to remove a font from the imported list once it's been downloaded? Am I missing something? I don't want all these fonts in my dropdown list, I only use a few of them. How do I get rid of fonts that I don't want to use?

  •  I haven't upgraded to that version yet, but I definitely don't see the waste basket icon or any other obvious deletion option in the tutorial... Are you able to select or highlight one of the imported fonts in the import menu? Does a "minus" sign appear next to the selected imported font? or can you right-click to get a dropdown menu?

    -Mike(videoscribe user)

  • Thanks for the reply Mike. That's the weird thing, in the previous version you could hover over one of the fonts in the imported list and you'd get that little icon pop up to remove it (I can't remember what the icon was, maybe a minus sign) But no go in this version.

    On a related note - I'm noticing some glitching on importing fonts as well. When you hover and click the plus button, sometimes you get the loading icon for a second but it doesn't actually import the font. I had to restart the software to get it to import fonts again.

    Seems that we've got some glitches in the new version even though it looks like it's been out for 6 months? I never got a notification to upgrade like I usually do.

    Also we now can't import fonts from our PC? Why would the Sparkol team get rid of a feature when they're upgrading the text tool? Is this some kind of exclusive deal with Google or something?

  •  I think I have read in other threads that the new text tool is accepting google fonts due to the need to quality-control the way fonts work with all of the new features.

    Some good news is that you can open older projects that contain other fonts and COPY/PASTE the text element from the old project to the new project, and edit those text elements (but not create new text elements with the old fonts for some reason).

    related thread:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


     My second reply seems to be flagged for review or something, so it has not shown up (but it may appear eventually after review). Apparently the font restriction has something to do with quality assurance for the new text features that have been added.

    One bit of good news is that you can still copy/paste text elements with other fonts from older projects into your new projects. Although its inconvenient, it works in a pinch.

    Maybe at some point Sparkol will bring back the legacy font tool as a separate tool from the New google font tool.

    -Mike(videoscribe user)
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