Warning. Don't upgrade to v3.9. It wastes an animator's time with inefficient mouse clicks.

  • Unfortunately, I upgraded to v3.9 and saved my scribe. Once I found out that I couldn't advance between elements in the properties dialog box, I downgraded and found out it's not backward compatible. That's frustrating because you wouldn't expect that between a tenth of a version upgrade.  Version 3 to 4 maybe, but not 3.8 to 3.9. 

    Version 3.9 is a huge step backward, especially if you create large scribes.  It takes way too many clicks to go between element properties wasting tons of time.   

    Using the timeline properties isn't an option because it doesn't show all three timings (animate, pause, transition) at once nor all the timing information at one glance. 

    Sparkol, when will the feature to advance between the property dialog box be added back in, please? 

  • Hey Richard, there were some new animation styles added in v3.9 which would cause projects to fail in v3.8 if those were used. We always build VideoScribe to be backwards compatable but when we introduce something significant in a new version then forward compatibility will not be available for older versions. If you want to raise a ticket and send us a copy of the project in question here we may be able to convert it back as long as you have not used any of the new text animation styles.

    As for the return of the next/previous element buttons from the element properties screen, this is something we are monitoring feedback on at the moment so we'll make sure your comments get back to the product team.

  • Thanks, Barry.  Yeah. I found 3.9 completely unusable especially since I load all my own svg's.  It takes way too many mouse clicks and slows things down worse than it was before.   

    I already mentioned how painfully slow it is not to have the advance arrows on the property dialogue boxes.  

    So yeah. I'll just stay on 3.8 until it's fixed.   I can't waste so much time making scribes. 


  • Honestly, in a way, I'm really disappointed that the design team didn't focus on making things MORE time-saving.  It was an extra blow that it become more SLOWER to make scribes.  It feels like the designers don't care about the professionals that use videoscribe the most. :( 

  • Richard, what version did you downgrade to? I've been on a long hiatus, so I've upgraded from 3.6 straight to 3.9. Just like you, I'm extremely dissatisfied with it. I completely agree with what you mentioned, but also another thing they messed up is adding new images to the scribe. If you use custom images you now have to click "add new image" -> "my images" -> "import" every single time. What used to be 2 clicks is now 3. The software should at least remember the personal preference, so I could avoid clicking on "my images" every single time, but alas...

  • More clicks to find images sounds like  a step in the wrong direction to me too.

    Ideally, I think the import feature should automatically remember the location of the last image we imported, and return us to the same location by default for the next import.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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