Videoscribe 3.95

  • Problems with macOS Monterey 12.1
  • Hi Kwok. You haven't specified what your problem is?

    For help and support, you can always raise a support ticket here-

  • Hi, have also problems with 3.95 on Monterey 12.1. On 12.0 all worked well now after update on 12.1 if e.g. i want to chose a picture file from my computer the dialog box is not controlable. I click but can not chose a file oder folder and i have no chance to close the file dialog box anymore. I have to shut down video scribe with the "Sofort beenden" dialog. Can you fix that! Thanks. Robert

  • Please raise a support ticket for any specific errors on your machine so we can investigate in more detail -

  • I am having the same problem having just upgraded my MacOS system to Monterey. The freezing happens for both an older version 3.5.2 as well as the latest version of VideoScribe on both of my Mac computers. It's random. I can sometimes up load one or two images and then when I go again it gets stuck (and my Mac doesn't even report Videoscribe as 'not responding' until about 5 minutes have past). The only way to progress is Force Quit. This renders the software unusable. I have been using Videoscribe for over 9 years and never had a problem like this. Have you any fixes yet?

  • Morning, we have now identified the bug and our developers are working on a fix. You can find out more about this situation on this help page -

  • Hello, the bug has been fixed and you can download v3.9.6 of VideoScribe via to install the update.

  • I'm sorry to have to inform you that a bug has been discovered in v3.9.6 of VideoScribe and we have made the decision to withdraw this version while we fix that fault. This means that v3.9.5 is the current version again and the bug on this page is no longer resolved. 

    It's early days but our development team are already testing an initial fix for the new bug so we hope to have a version free of both issues with you very soon. We will keep you updated with progress!

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