Deleting recent scribes in version 3.9.5

  • There appears to be no option to delete a scribe from "recent scribes" tab. Am I missing something or is this intentional? 

    The only way to delete it, that I found, is to locate the scribe's saved file and delete that. 

    I really don't understand updates that make the software harder to use. 

    It works normally for online scribes and should be like that for recent scribes as well.

  • Hey Anej,

    In v3.7 local projects were moved out of the VideoScribe application folder as customers were asking for more control and visibility over where their data was saved. You can now choose a location on your machine to save these files. Because these areas are not in the application the 'recent' list has changed to the more traditional link to open the project and you need to delete via the operating systems software for managing files (File Explorer/ Finder). So it's a technical limitation of working this way, I cannot think of a single application that allows you to save anywhere and still delete the file from recent?

  • I guess I can live with having to manually delete the scribe files.

    However, it seems that the current "recent scribes" can only hold up to 20 scribes at a time and it discards the rest. What kind of a mechanic is this? I use a lot of custom images and I require having multiple (30+) scribes ready to be used at a moments notice. Why so many scribes you might ask? This is the only way I can see which scribe contains which image due to the scribe "zoom out preview". Loading up "online scribes" every time I need a new image is not feasible as I do much of the work offline.  Surely there's a way around this?

  • The limit on recent scribes at the moment is 20 but I have passed your feedback onto the team. You may want to raise this specific point in the feature request forum so others who feel the same way can vote for an increase. 

    When you say you are loading other scribes to get to custom images are you using copy and paste to get images out of old projects into new ones? If that's the case can I suggest putting you custom SVGs into a sensible folder structure on you machine and then importing them via the Image Library when needed. You can set Windows up so that you can see your images in the Explorer window rather than just the logo for your SVG Illustration programme -

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