Media manager for Videoscribe assets?

  • The number of available assts is overwhelming and it would be really helpful to have a better way to manage them. 

    1) Provide a way to view more clips at once. Browsing tens of thousands of images 18 at a time is painful. Even better would be the ability to create personal catalogs or preview sheets that could be printed as references

    2) Provide a way to tag/select assets in the view without immediately adding it/leaving the view. Some sort of "favorite" or even better, "tag for this project" that then lets you continue browsing. It's annoying as heck to select an image and then have re-open the dialog and find your place in the browser again. Similarly, it would be nice to be able to hide assets that you'll never use to thin the results down. 

    3) Add the ability to add your own tags or keywords to images. The existing keywords are often lacking 

    4) Provide a way to uniquely identify an image. There are no image or file names and different searches bring things up a different order. This makes it difficult to differentiate between similar images. 


  •  Totally agree with this.

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