Camera pans and transitions in whiteboard videos?

  • Starting a blank canvas for a whiteboard animation. When I change and set the camera positions for each element it simply jump cuts to that position instead of doing a nice pan and zoom animation like it does in the templates. I see no option about transitions in the desktop software. Please help! Without being able to turn this on I don't think I'll want to use this software at all. Thanks!!!

  •  Hi,

    1) start with a blank canvas

    2) add your first element

    3) position the camera where you want it for that element

    4) click the "set camera" icon to save the camera position

    5) edit the properties of the element and make sure the transition time is about 1 second. save any changes.

    6) add your next element

    7) position and scale the element where you want it

    8) position the camera where you want it

    9) click the "set camera" icon

    10) repeat steps 5 through 10 until all elements are loaded

    11)  (go back and edit all of the element drawing times and any other settings to help everything match the voiceover or whatever pacing you want)

    -Hope that helps,

    Mike(videoscribe user)

  •  Just to clarify, The transition time setting is the amount of time that it takes the camera to pan from the camera position of one element, to the camera position for the next element. So if the camera is jumping suddenly from one image to the next, instead of panning, I'm guessing your transition time is set to zero seconds. If that is not the case, you could upload your .scribe file here if you want someone to examine it for other possible solutions.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  •  oh, one more important item: in step 4 and 9 above, make sure the current element is still selected when you click the "set camera" icon!

    If no element is selected, then the "set camera" icon does nothing.

    -M (Vu)

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