1080P in portrait is rendering 608 x 1080

  • Does VS support a true 1080P in portrait?  I haven't been able to get it working.  
    Rendering in landscape I do get a true 1920 x 1080.

  • Like peter michael, I can confirm that  the 9:16 format is not producing 9:16 ration videos. At 1080p it renders a 608x1080 video. 720p is rendering at 405x720.

  • ( I meant to type "ratio" instead of "ration" in my previous reply)

    The release notes do not seem to mention specific sizes, so I assume this is not functioning as intended. It might be worth submitting a support ticket describing this issue if it is important to you. Customer support may be more likely to see a support ticket before a a community forum post.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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